dimarts, 8 de febrer de 2011

Self rescue Day!

Today has been a very productive day. According to windguru, there should be 4m waves and 20 knots of wind, and it really was!
In the morning we went to see the classic JAWS. We were lucky to see it in action as the conditions only match 10 or 15 times a year. Four surfers with the help of their jet skis were surfing the massive waves. After a while a windsurf also joined them and finally a bodyboard too!! It was really impressive to see!


In the afternoon we went to Naish be
ach, our favorite spot. The wind drop a little bit by the time I went out but it was still good on my 8m Havoc. I gotta say that it was my first day after the loss of my surf board, so I wasn't sure how it would work for me. I managed to buy a 5'6 surfboard in Paia, and I'm quite happy with it!


I couldn't enjoy the session very long as the wind suddenly dropped. So here it comes the part of the self rescue story!! It was just me and 4 or 5 kites more in the water by late afternoon, and a few windsurfers too. I was lucky the wind drop after I was finishing one wave so I was closer to the shore. When I felt the wind stopping I tried to body drag for some meters but at the end the kite dropped into the water too. So here you have the result!!! haha, it is always good to have in mind how to make a fast auto rescue, specially if you're in a waves spot!
Only the local Shawn Richman manage to get out without swimming!! Very friendly guy, btw ;)


Hoy ha sido un día muy productivo. Por la mañana hemos visitado la mítica ola de JAWS que sólo funciona unas 10 o 15 veces al año, así que hemos sido muy afortunados de ver el espectáculo. Cuatro surferos con sus motos de agua y, un windsurf y un body board más tarde se han unido al espectáculo.
Después, ya por la tarde, hemos ido a navegar a Naish Beach, nuestro spot favorito. Las olas también estaban muy grandes ahí. Cuando yo he salido el viento ya había bajado un poco pero todavía había el suficiente para ir con mi 8m Havoc. Por desgracia al poco rato el viento se acabó y acabé poniendo en práctica la técnica de auto-rescate. Os dejo una foto ;) Solamente Shawn Richman ha sido capaz de salir del agua sin tener que nadar! Por cierto, un tipo muy simpático.

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