dimecres, 2 de febrer de 2011

Lovin' Maui and its waves!!

I've been in Maui for one week now and I just love the Island!! The waves conditions are awesome, probably the best waves I've seen so far. We've been pretty lucky with the wind, It's been 2 days of wind, two days of no wind, and then wind again. We've been kiting in Kite beach and Naish beach. It is also a good spot for freestyle as it has quite flat water, but nothing to do with the perfect wave series you find outside. So on this trip i'm gonna focused 100% in waves riding!

Yesterday we had a perfect day of wind and waves of 4m tall!! To be honest a bit scaring and more trying to scape from them than trying to surf them!! But the rest, 2,5m waves perfect for playing with them.
Today it doesn't seem there is too much wind so maybe we'll go and check Hokipa for another surf session there.
Three days ago we visited Iao Park and Lahaina town. Most amazing thing was seen two whales jumping several times, me just standing on the road!! hope not to meet them in the water! Respect! The ocean is full of see animals! The most common thing is to surf/kitesurf with huge turtle around you ;)

So that is all for now from Maui.
PKRA Schedule just went out Yesterday, so I do have a lot of homework now trying to figure out which contest am I gonna be able to attend depending on how much my sponsors can help me ;)