dissabte, 27 de març de 2010

Koh Phi Phi Island and Pukhet Cable Park

I'm in the last two days of journey in Asia. After the PKRA in Hua Hin, we decided to relax a bit. After 3 competitions we deserved it, didn't we? ;) So we went to Koh Phi Phi Island for scuba diving, cayaking, and chill on the beach.
Unfortunately, the island has changed a lot since I was there last time 8 years ago. A Tsunami and too many tourists made the island lose its magic, but hey, still super nice place if you haven't been to!!
And after the paradise, one last day in Pukhet Cable park!! Oh my God, my arms still hurt!! It was our fisrt time ever in a Cable park and it was super funny!!but men, your arms work a lot in there!!