dimarts, 23 de març de 2010

PKRA Thailand

The first stop of the PKRA world tour is over and I cannot complain with my results! I ended up in 7th place out of 12 in Freestyle. In the double elimination I lost my hit vs Angela Peral, but ending in 7th place (same as Kari)is not a bad result at all, and will be valuable points for the overall ranking.
In course racing I ended in 4th place but quite hard, phisically talking. 10 races in total!! We had 2 days of almost no wind and I really missed my Flyworks board. What I have clear is that I also need a 15m or 16m for days like that ;)

So now, and after 3 competitions in 2 months,we've just decided to relax in our last week here in Thailand. I injured my ankle so I need a bit of rest if I want to be 100% in the next competition (that's why I won't take part in the last event of the KTA).
A few day in Ko Phi Phi and back to home, sweet home!! ;)