dilluns, 8 de març de 2010

Last days in Boracay and out to Manila

We stayed in Boracay 3 or 4 days more after the end of the competition. On Monday we went to Mandala Spa, a really nice-luxury massage spa and part of the prize me and David won in Vietnam comp.
We were supposed to leave the island on Tuesday but we had many problems to book a flight with Cebu Pacific, I really do not recomend to fly with them. Finally we manage to get a flight to Manila on Friday.
The 2 last days in Boracay the wind seemed to be back. We really had a great time in Banana Sagin Boracay Resort, we felt like at home ;)We're gonna miss you guys! Gracies Grec per tot!!
In Manila we went to visit the people in Barcino Wine and Tapas in their new restaurant here. It's sooo nice eating spanish food with nice wine!