diumenge, 18 d’abril de 2010

Trip to North Spain

Sometimes you fly miles away looking for the perfect spot and the perfect conditions, and you don't realize you have it just next to you, in your own country!!

That is what happened to me. I've been travelling around the world the last few months, and it is true i've seen magic places, but for a while I forgot how wonderful my country is!!

One day I'll write about my kite home-spot, St.Pere Pescador (Girona), but today I wanna write about the north of Spain, specially Galicia and Santander.

I've just fallen in love with its countryside, its food and its people. We kited in O Vicedo, a small town with a huge spot in Galicia. Thanks Pablo for your hospitality, it was great seeing you after Philippines.

And on the way back home, we stopped in Liencres (Santander). You can see how perfect the spot is on the picture. For sure we're comming back!!