dilluns, 6 de gener de 2014

The Harsh Reality

Today I will write the same post in 3 languages ​​, why? because I CAN! Apart from Catalan, Spanish and English I speak French, Portuguese and a few sentences in a few other languages. But I live in a country where most politicians do not have even a minimum basic level of English, where they continually lie and tell us that " Spain is going well! " Where corruption seems to be an everyday thing. I live in a country where the excuse of the "crisis" has been used to cut wages and basic rights of citizens, and watch out because they are also cutting our dreams and our future, they are ending up with everything !
We had reached a point where the young's, the only chance they had of getting a decent job was going abroad, where their talent was recognized , but attention because the new law that has been published in the BOE for those  ( corrupt , liars, incompetent , monolingual , etc. . ) politicians from the Partido Popular affects all those who live abroad for more than 3 months a year. We lost all rights to receive public health care ... this includes all those brave young adventurers who have decided to leave this " wonderful " country to try and find a better future (also includes those who have decided to go abroad to learn or improve another language). This new law also includes me , as a professional sportswoman  I spent part of the year in other countries competing and training . And what really makes me mad is that I represent a country that never did or will do anything for me . In 2011 I was given a scholarship for my sporting results (I'm recognized as an elite athlete for the RFEV (Spanish Federation) and also for the Catalan one( FCV ) . I was told that because of the crisis they would pay me in 2012 . In 2012 I was told to forget about it , and obviously in this 2013 it was like a tabu. Any country wants to adopt me ?
I left my work of 10 years ( I worked in a bank ) to try to make my dream come true . I spent all the savings  to pay for my travels and expenses of the competitions. And you know what? I made it, I became a pro kiteboarder , 3rd in the World Ranking in Regatta 2013!
I do not regret one single day of the decision I made and I would do it again but the harsh reality is that 2014 is here , the first competitions of the year starting in February , but this year something will change : I won't be there because I don't have more money, I spent it all ... I was waiting to collect the prize money of the last competition to buy the ticket for the next comp ... but this time it may not happen.
And then in the Olympic Games it's all complaints and lamentations that Spain does not get medals ... ? Why are they surprised ? ? ? !

Anyway, I just wanted to tell these clowns of politicians that we have here that they haven't "finished" with me,  I am Catalan, stubborn and a fighter and somehow I will go ahead! I'll find a way to keep doing what I love, but then do not get angry if I decide not to promote worldwide your beloved brand  "Spain".

If you'd like to help my cause and help me keep competing you can make a donation in my PayPal that you'll find here in the blog. Thank you very much.

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Ramon Querol Bonet ha dit...

Gran publicació campiona, ets un exemple de determinació i valentia. En breu aconseguirem ser un país reconegut i respectat, germà de tots els pobles demòcratics i pacífics com el nostre. Lluitarem sense descans per aconseguir que aquest esforç teu com de tants altres sigui reconegut i recolçat. Una gran abraçada ben gran and freedom for Catalonia from down under !!!!

Jordi ha dit...

Lamentablement es el pais en el que vivim. I de ben segur que encara que els politics arribessin a llegir el teu blog no l'entendrien. La majoria no entenen.
Recorda sempre el teu JUST ONE LIFE. No pots defallir ara que estas a dalt de tot. Recorda't dels inicis ...no van ser mes facils que ara.
Espero que trobis el suport que et mereixes i et veiem a les olimpiades representant Catalunya o un altre pais .

Núria Gomà ha dit...

Gràcies Ramon i Jordi pels ànims :)

Aperitius Urbans a Manresa ! ha dit...

Hoola Núria, tingues fé en el destí, no estas sola, no comptis amb els politics, compta amb tú i pensa en tots els éxits que t'estant esperant, jo no et conec però ja he entés que ets una trionfadora, endavaaaant i recorda, la teva fé és la teva força, estem amb tú!!

Núria Gomà ha dit...