dilluns, 13 de gener de 2014

Impossible is nothing! (Eng)

" Impossible is nothing" and Nike is not the only one who says it, I say that as well!! A lot has happened since the last post on my blog, and all good things! My life on itself is already quite unpredictable, but I tell you, the last week has been exceptional! I've gone from anger and frustration for not being able to attend the first competition counting for the Kiteboarding World Ranking 2014 to have hope and also several interviews for radios, meetings with important people and politicians in the world of the Sport, and two possible jobs that if the planets align and I get at least one of them will allow me to pay for part of the flight . I have to thank YOU because I'll be able to cover the missing part of the expenses with your #donations. You almost made me cry... but of happiness!

I have to admit that you have given me that strength I needed when I was about to give up... It has been 4 years of fighting for a dream that nobody thought it was possible, 4 years of swimming against the current and of self improvement every day, leaving the security of a job for a dream , but... it was MY DREAM! 

That's why I want to thank you so very much for your help, with your support I have managed to recharge batteries and keep fighting!