dimecres, 12 de gener de 2011

Welcome to 2011!!

Yeah, already in 2011!! I have the feeling that time goes faster and faster everyday!! It's been great spending xmas with my family and friends. Actually I didn't have a very good end of year as I was ill in bed for a couple of days.
The last 4 days I've been in the mountains in Osseja (Cerdanya). It was a pitty that there was not a lot of snow yet, so I just chilled. Well actually I went running a couple of days and we were planning to climb the Puigmal but yesterday when we got up was snowing a little bit so we decided not to. I also had a day relaxing in a Spa after running a few kms in the morning. I really enjoyed some "fresh" air!!

Ah, I forgot to tell you! Tomorrow I'm flying to Fuerteventura, 20€ a return ticket from Barcelona!!!!BOOM!!