dimarts, 21 de desembre de 2010

Back home for X-Mas!!

I can't believe It's already December; I got back to Barcelona not even a week ago and in a few days it's Christmas!!! It's nice being back home after 3 months in Brazil. I've missed my family and friends and what a better time to see them all than X-mas!! I've also missed a lot my little princess!! My kitty Set. She's been with my parents all this time, and it's funny that seems she is not my cat anymore, my nephews and nieces call it "granpa's cat" ;)
The trip back home was sweet, no delays and no damages on the bags, unbelieveble but true! Actually I'm still waiting for Iberia to pay for a broken bag since June!!
This is the X-Mas tree in Barcelona's Airport that shows Christmas time has arrived.

Anyway, a bit of relax and cold weather it's always nice, specially if there's enough snow to go snowboarding and snowkiting!
In the Coverage part of my blog you'll find a report from when I went to Vietnam this 2010 that has been published in the Spanish printed mag. Surfavela on its last edition.
So MERRY X-MAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody! and be good if you wanna get some presents from Santa or from the Three Wise Men!!