dijous, 27 de gener de 2011

Getting to Maui

That was the worse starting of a trip ever!! Just God knows how I did manage to get into the plane...my tears even begun to appear in my eyes. I was so stupid that I completely forgot that to get into the States (if you're Spanish) you need an special visa called ESTA. It just pumped into my head when I was in the motorway. Well, I was not worried 'cos I knew you can get it online and quite fast but the problem came when after trying 3 times the web page was telling me there was a mistake in my birthday date and that getting the visa was not possible!!! WTF!!! That meant I was not getting into the plane!! The problem was that I already had a ESTA from last June but didn't have the number with me, so finally I manage to cancel the old visa and get a new one. All this was "in extremis" as they even close the checking desk some minutes late for me...

Well, at least all bad things bring also good ones, I didn't pay a cent for my luggage!!
So now I'm happily at Maui, in a super cool house with some of the LF crew (Brandon, Craig and Henning). A little bit of surfing just on the spot next door on the first day and visiting Hokipa and Paia. Yesterday we all went to Kite Beach but I didn't had a session as I'm still waiting for my new gear.
Forecast looks amazing for the following days so I'll be updating a few pictures in my fb page!