dimecres, 8 de desembre de 2010

WONW in Brasil

I guess you've heard about the sick event the guys from Liquid Force are running in Philippines, the WIND OR NO WIND event at CWC (http://www.windornowind.com/). I wish I was there right now to shred with them all, but I'm still in Brasil so I missed it this year.
However I decided I also wanted to enjoy my WONW event here in Brasil ;)
It seems as early winter is coming to Brazil too, very light wind today. I could only go into the water with my LF Havoc 12m and do a couple of tags. But then, BOOM, I had a buggy, a rope, an old bar, my lovely Bliss board and an entire lagoon for myself!!!
Here is the result, enjoy the ride!!

WONW in Brazil from Nuria Goma on Vimeo.