dissabte, 7 d’agost de 2010

PKRA Fuerteventura

Another event of the PKRA is over. This time the competition was held in René Egli Windsurf and kitesurf Center. I got to Fuerteventura four days before the event started and I stayed in the north of the island, in Corralejo, training a little bit. I shared appartment with 3 other girls that are also take part in the Tour. Then on Monday, on the registration day we went down to the south, to Sotavento.
It was my first time ever kiting in that spot and the place is really nice, an endless sand beach with turquaise water but the conditions there were super hard! Gusty and strong as i've never kited before. Those were really extream conditions!! Next time I go there I'll try to arrive there 3 or 4 days before and get use to it.

A total of 12 races were done. I was way too overpowered even with my 6m Havoc kite. I ended up in 6th place. I'm not happy neither with my results in freestyle. The hard conditions (which I am not used to) added to the tireness of doing 3 or 4 races a day made me perform a really bad heat. But this has given me motivation to keep training hard.
Now i'm gonna be back at home around a week and the 17th August i'm heading up to CHINA!!!! yeah, I just got the invitational to the China Binhai Weifang China 2nd International Kitesurfing Invitational Tournament!!! So stoked!!! They choose 1 rider from each country up to 30 riders. I'm so excited about it!!