dimarts, 27 de juliol de 2010

PKRA St.Peter Ording (Germany)

It's been 10 long days of competition in Germany, probably the longest event of the PKRA. It is hard to be competing for such a long period, specially if you're doing both disciplines (freestyle and Racing) 'cos you're never released.
The competition started with a couple of very light wind days, so the races were started on the water with only 6 knots. For X-Mas i'll ask Santa for a 15m kite!!! I couldn't even finish all the races with my 12m when all the others riders were using a 15-16 and even 17m kites!
We also had one day of no wind. It was fun making some pics with some of the girls!!
My first heat in Freestyle was against Asia Litwin, defenetly not an easy one. Her first trick was a Slim-chance, so from that moment I had no pressure at all, so I just had enjoyed my heat! The wind dropped a lot but I could land a railey to blind and a backroll surf pass. So even I didn't go through I was happy with my performance.
On the double elimination I had no luck at all. In the minute 3 of it, the quick release of my harness opened and I lost my kite...so that was it.

On the other hand, I had a really great time with the German LF Family!! Thanks Mischa for picking me up at the airport and for the fantastic tour by bike in Hamburg, thanks Heiko and Karina for driving me to SPO; thanks Tom and Michael for everything during the event, thanks Jan and Nina for driving me back to Hamburg; and Malte, thank you for the night tour too and driving me back to the airport, and all the rest of you guys for making me feel like at home and teaching me some German too!!
Hope to see you all somewhere soon!!