divendres, 26 de febrer de 2010

Start of the KTA competition in Boracay (Philippines)

Today's been the third day of the competition and the first one that they had to cancel it because of the wind. Skippers meeting at 8am but no sing of wind. A couple of hours latter picked up a little bit so they continued with the men freestyle, but couldn`t finish it.
On Wednesday, after the registration, they started with the men freestyele. In the evening we had the Opening party in Tanawin, with some cocktails and a marvellous panoramic view of Boracay.

On the second day of the competition, we kept going with freestyle. This time was my turn in freestyle. In semi-finals, unfortunately I sent a powerful s-bend (too close to the sand) and althought I landed in the water, there is just 5 or 6 metres of sand and due to the strong wind my poor little kite landed on some palm trees above the judge tower. Believe it or not, It didn't break at all!! My boyfriend was waiting with my 6m on the air, so he just pass it to me and I could keep going with the heat, but I was too underpowered and coulnd't do any tricks. So this is how I lost my heat.
I passed the next round on the second chance, so that leaded me to the heat to get 2nd or 3rd place. I'm happy with my performance there: my first trick was a nice railey to blind, followed by the S-bend you can see in the picture. But the judges decided that an F-16 counts more than a railey to blind¿? So here ended my freestyle competition with a third place.

In the evening they brought us to a really nice restaurant in front of the beach, for dinner with the governers of Philippines, with sea views and magnificent food!! We got there performing a funny "comparsa" all riders with the flag of their country.
I'm really excited to see what have they prepared for us tonight!!