dissabte, 13 de febrer de 2010

KTA Vietnam

Congrats KTA for the amazing organiztion event. That was the third Kiteboard Tour Asia stop and one of the best I've been to! A total of 70 riders toke part in the competition in the vietnamise spot of Mui Ne,coming from 18 different countries.
We had nice wind 3 out of 4 days, and light but enough wind for course racing on the last day.
Day one started in the afternoon after registration, with a short two laps racing. Due to the many riders registered, men course racing was divided into 2 groups, so they had to do 4 racings to have one single result. It was easier for us girls, as we were 12 we went all in the same race.
I did a mistake when I was heading the first lap that put me back to the 4th place, but fortunately I managed to finish on the second place at last.
The following two days priority was freestyle. They used the "Second Chance" method to get simple and double results, and I have to say that I really liked it. I think is the most fair system I've seen by now. You have to loose twice to be out.
I didn't start well my freestyle comp. I lost my heat against the vietnamise rider Julia. We performed quite similar heats but I have to say she did better.
On my second heat I ride against Ali from Australia (second in the KTA ranking). I beat her with a powerful unhook kiteloop almost at the end. My last heat was against the leader of the freestyle tour Kathrin B. A mistake on the timing made us repeat our heat (as it was the women final it was supposed to be a 10 min. heat instead of a 7 min. heat). Althought I lost, I was happy about my performance 'cos it wasn't easy at all performing unkhook stuff and surfpasses with the strong wind and supper choppy conditions.
On the third day, after the double elimination of freestyle was completed, we did the "Big Air" competition. You always get great fun with strong winds!
On Sunday, last day of competition, the wind was very light, so at 14h when it seemed to rise a little bit, another course racing was heald. This time I knew I could do any mistakes. My start, surpriseling for me, was really good! but after missing a few turns on the board, Kathrin was heading the race. It was just until the last tag that I couldn't reach her and I won almost on the finish line.
So my final results were:
1st in Course Racing
2nd in Freestyle
Now I'm really excited about going to Philippines. I've heard it is an amazing spot and I can wait to see all the nice riders I met in Vietnam!