diumenge, 7 de febrer de 2010

Getting to Vietnam

I just left Barcelona on Saturday 23rd January but I had to take a few planes and spend a couple of nights at airports before I reached Vietnam. I flew from barcelona airport to Gatwich (London). . I spent my first night there as the connection flight wasn't until the following morning. I feel super lucky I can travel with my boyfriend David, so I don't spend the unfinishable hours alone in airports.
We got up and went straight to the Qatar Airways desk to do our check-in. And what happend there??? We had 11kg of extra bagagge and they wanted us to pay the scary amount of 560 English Pounds!!!!!! (only 20kg allowed per person). As a kitesurfer, you will know that it is almost impossible to carry only 20kg in gear when you're heading to a competition and your plans are to travel for at least 2 months!! Anyway, don´t ask me how, but we manage not to pay a single penny (thanks Sir from Qatar A.), probably they saw our faces went white and that we really couldn´t afford that.
We got to Doha (Qatar) that same night. We had a 13 hours transfer, so there it came our second night in the airport. We had a dinner budget from the company and there was also free internet in there.
On the third day of travel we got to Saigon (Ho Chi Mi -Vietnam). We decided to spend one night there as we really needed a shower and we still had 4 or 5 hours driving to our final destination.
Saigon is a kaotic city (as any other big asiatic city, I guess), with as many motorbikes as cars, and driving crazy and "pitant" every single second.
We find a nice clean and cheap backpackers to stay that night. The lady from the hostel booked us bus for the following day that took us to Mui Ne. We had a nice surprise to see that we were gonna spend the next 5 hours in a nice, confortable bus ;). And finally, four days after, we got to Mui Ne!!
One day to settle down and the KTA contest starts!!