dijous, 7 de febrer de 2013

Last day in La Ventana

with training buddies Jessica and Catherine. Rainbow's missing in the pic!!

As the song says "all good things come to an end", well, I guess this is the end of my stay here in La Ventana. I had a blast of time. I met a lot of new people, I enjoyed the reunite of old friends and I trained as hard as I could. Special thanks to "coach" Gabor for all your help! It was so fun to have a full crew of racers here to train with. Playa Central is for sure the meeting point.

beautiful sunset

An image says more than thousands words, right? so here you have a few pics of fun times in L.V.

and a sunrise!

Next stop Egypt!

Como dice la canción "todo lo bueno llega a un fin" y este es el final de mi estancia aquí en La Ventana. Me lo he pasado genial. He conocido a mucha gente nueva, ha sido genial el reencuentro con viejos conocidos y he entranado tanto como he podido. Ha sido increíble tener a toda una tropa de racers para entrenar. Playa Central es sin duda el sitio de encuentro para el Kite Race.

a Baja dog with a mexican poncho! so cute!

Una imagen dice más que mil palabras, cierto? así que os dejo unas cuantas fotos de buenos momentos.

Próxima parada Egipto!

went snorkeling-hunting with the girls!

"Mejor que nada" daily yoga class!

Plsya Central:Racers paradise!
Paolo Rista, never resting!!