dijous, 8 d’octubre de 2009

KPWT Dakhla

I just got back home from the competition in Dakhla (Morocco).It's been my first international competition this year and i'm just SUPER HAPPY with the results!! I got 3rd in both Course Racing and Waves Master and 5th in Freestyle. Gisela won in freestyle and Sliders, Kari Schivervaag was first in Course Racing, and Kristy Jones was the winner in Waves Masters.

On the day of the arrival there were a "welcome comission" waiting for the riders at the airport, with tea, marrocaine dancing and music. But my happiness soon disappeared when I realised there was one of my boardbags missing! My 6m LF kite was in there! as well as my contact lenses, all my clothes and bikinis, etc...and the worst is that the next flight coming to Dakhla was in 3 days!!

On Sunday, the competition started with Freestyle. The wind was quite stronge and unlucky me i'm quite light, so i was completely overpowered on my 8m. That's why i think my 5th place after the double elimination is a great result!

On day 3 and 4 we went on with Course Racing. The wind dropped down so we changed to big kites. In total we completed 7 races, where i was alternating 2nd and 3rd place with Gisela Pulido. Finally I came 3rd. It was very hard as the two firsts races were only 2 laps, but then increased to 3 and 4 laps that made the racings last up to 45 min! I'm really happy with my racing board and i want to thank Ricky from Flyworks for it.

On day 5-6 we moved to Om Laboir, the wave spot. We were very lucky as the conditions were great, with big, nice waves and good wind too. On my heat vs Kriss Kinn I started really bad as my kite fell into the water and I had to let it go. Fortunately, as it was the losers final, the heat was of 15 min. so I had enough time to take another kite and catch a couple of waves that gave me the victory.

The kiteloop comp couldn't be finished as there wasn't enoght wind.

There was also Sliders competition but i didn't take part on it. Maybe the next time because it looks quite fun!

The only negative thing, not counting the lugagge delate, was that I was since the 3rd day of the comp with terrible stomachache. Everything else was cool, even the Minister of Sport of Morocco came to the Event to give the awards.

So now, back to work until the 21st october that i take a plane to Brasil for the next stop of the KPWT and I'll stay in Taiba till mid December training hard and preparing for 2010.

As always, thanks to all my sponsors, without them I couldn't get these great results! (LF, Flyworks, TEVA, Skullcandy, Rip Curl, Kitepirinha)

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