dimarts, 27 d’octubre de 2009

International Racing Contest "King of the Sea"

This last week-end 23-24 october, it took place in Canoa Quebrada (Brasil) the international race competition "King of the Sea" sponsorized by "Bad Boy". Some of the best race riders in the world were invited to the contest.
On the first day the wind was really light and had to go into the water with just 9 knots. Those with bigger kites took advantadge of the situation. I didn't have anything bigger than 11m but at least me, myself, i'm quite light ;)

On the second day, the wind was a little bit better (13 knots) but still big kites were required.

In total were 5 racings and the winners were in both categories (men-women) brazilians, Pedro Carvalho and Naiara Licareão . I came third, after the norvegean Kari Schibevaag. In men, there were two Spanish ranked in the top 5, Abel Lago and Sergio Perera.

Specials thanks to www.flyworks.net/ and i'm proud to anounce than since a few weeks i'm also part of the OAKLEY team!!