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What does "to be lucky" mean for you??

Today I'd like to dedicate this post to everyone that on the last five years has told me at some point "oh, you're so lucky!!" or even has criticized me (on my face or on my back) just because I post pictures that I shouldn't be posting because "not everyone is as lucky as you are". Those who said that, probably know me very very little. First of all I'd like to say that I don't believe in luck, not even in bad luck, and when my flights are too often delayed or canceled,  my bags lost, my boards damaged and a long etc, I just think that I'm jinxed by nature, If anything can go wrong it will go wrong, but that is just part of my life ;)

So let’s focus with the word "luck". What does "luck" mean to you? Because for me, explained in a very simple way, it is the fact of getting good things happening in your life randomly, without expecting them but also without earning then, without working out for them tho happen. Then, there is something I do not understand, in what part of my life-story have I been so LUCKY that I cannot even post a picture without being criticized?? and getting comments like :"Oh, you shouldn't post those pictures, there are a lot of people that are not as lucky as you are! That's mean of you!". Really??!!

I was LUCKY to quit my job in the Bank for more than 10 years to go chase my dream to become a professional kiteboarder, then? Of course, to leave a steady job with a good salary and risk losing everything (or earn a life, in my case) must be something to do with the LUCK! If you think I was very LUCKY why don't you try it?  you might get LUCKY as well?!

Of course to have to sell your van and spend all your savings in order to be able to compete in the World Cup because with the help you get from your sponsors is not even enough to pay for your flight to go to the competition, obviously I must have a great passion to do something like that but you manily say that in my cas is mostly about being LUCKY, isn’t it?

And of course, having to make a "break" from competition to work your ass off as I've never done before in order to be able to save some money and go back to compete next year, this is also related to have good LUCK!

Open your eyes people! Luck doesn't exist, you and only you can make of your life the life that you want !! The only luck I have had in my whole life is getting born in a family where they love me and support no matter if I am a banker or if I'm doing what really makes me happy.

"Luck", as you call it, doesn't just come along your life by chance, if there's anything you don't like about your life, change it! the same way I changed mine and many people did as well, but please, stop commenting on other's people life because those comments can hurt.

And now why don't you try to change the work "luck" by "guts" or "cojones" as we say in Spanish... and please, before you judge or criticize someone, think about that twice, specially If you don't know the history behind that person.

Have a nice weekend everyone

Just One Life

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Kiko ha dit...

Fantastic words !! Well said Nuria.

All the best.

Florian Scharscher ha dit...

good point.

Keep pushing, its a lifelong thing.