dilluns, 30 de setembre de 2013

End of Summer

Entrevistando a Santi Millán

The Summer is gone in Europe and a new season is starting. To me this was a summer very different from what I expected to be. I haven't posted any news since the Europeans but I didn't have any thing to post rather than my recovery...
Ok, for those who don't know, I partially broke all the ligaments of my ankle the first week of August... At the beginning, by the look of it, the pain and specially a past experience on the same ankle, made me think that "that was it, end of kiting season for me and no Worlds again...". Miraculously, the ligaments didn't break completely so the recovery is being so much faster, 12 weeks I've been told... So right now I'm half recovered I guess, hehe...

Anyway, before the fatal day I did some cool stuff, very different from kiting but that was helping me to keep fit. In the pic above you can see me doing some hiking in Vallibierna, Benasque (Spain).

Next thing I did was sitting in the sofa for the following 3 weeks... I slowly started my recovery and many hours in the gym. I feel very fortunately to have all the support from such professionals as RehabMedic and Fernando Espejo, my favourite Physio of the whole world (although I told him I hated him when he was aplying the "Electrolisis percutania intratendinosa method" which is unbelively painful but also super effective).

I also had super cool moments related to work. First I was working as a personal coach, which I totally enjoy as I love teaching, but the experience was a bit different as I was teaching from a boat. Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

And then just a couple of weeks ago I got offered  a super amazing job, as an editor, in a company that covers all kind of events. Recently they covered the "Titan Dessert", this time was a "Skydive European Challenge"

So this is my update so long...next one is gonna be from my second home, Braziiiiil!!

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sergio rosers ha dit...

Combuco? Voy para Brasil tambien. Al igual coincidimos una vez mas en el agua :-)

Florian Scharscher ha dit...

Hey Nuria, sorry to hear about your accident! I hope you're getting better soon and fully recuperate to enjoy yourself on the water again. Cuidate mucho, Flo.

Núria Gomà ha dit...

Sergio, no me vas a ver mucho por Cumbuco, demasiado masificado, pero igual sí si te pasas por Taiba! un saludo

Núria Gomà ha dit...

Hey Flo! so good to hear from you!! hope life is treating you good and see ya around the globe!! un beso!