dijous, 7 d’octubre de 2010

Back in Taiba

It's so nice being back to Brazil after such a long year full of competitions and traveling around the world! It feels as being back home, actually it is my second home, as I spend as much time here as I do in Barcelona!
It's always nice coming back and see all your friends and people after an entire year.

I got to Taiba about 2 weeks ago. The first week it was a bit of chilling, you know, relaxing and just kiting an hour a day for pleasure. My body was asking me for a rest!!

This week I started to train hard again, lagoon session in the morning, waves in the afternoon and a bit of jogging either in the very morning or at the end of the day. In two days I have a competition in Cumbuco, the first stop of the Brasilian Championship. The level it's gonna be wicked, not only for the incredible brasilian kids but also for all the Pro-riders who are here in Brasil training. If you are around you shouldn't miss the action!! From Saturday 9th Oct-till Monday 11th.
And that's pretty much for now, just wanna thank all you guys for the support on my last video "Just ONE life". It had more than 12.000 views in the first two days, I really dindn't expect that ;).
If you haven't seen it yet in my facebook, you can watch it here in my blog.