dilluns, 17 de maig de 2010

Getting to Cape Hatteras (US)

Last week I spent more hours in the airport than in my home!!
I've been traveling quite a lot lately. After Podersdorf I went home for one day before taking the next flight to Cape Hatteras, in North Carolina (US).
It was a very loooong trip as all airports were with delays and cancelled flights due to the volcano ashes.

My flight departed 1h late from Barcelona but the big surprise was that the flight lasted 2 hours more than expected as we had to go up to Amsterday to avoid the ashes. Once we landed in Newark airport we had to wait inside the plane for 40 min and after that, add 1 more hour to get through the customs. Obviously I lost my connection flight.
I met James Boulding, LF team mate, in the same flight to Norfolk, and the rest of the team happen to have also delays in their flights, so we all got to the final destination about the same time ;)
Two hours driving by car and we got to the amazing Liquid Force house in Cape Hatteras.